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Microsoft Teams Specific

Q. What happens when an individual signs in with work or school credentials?
If the individual is licensed for Teams, they will be logged into the product. If the individual is not licensed for Teams, they will be logged into the product and automatically receive a free license of Teams that is valid through January 2021. This includes video meetings for up to 250 participants and Live Events for up to 10,000, recording and screen sharing, along with chat and collaboration. Details for IT.

Q. What does the freemium version of Teams include?
This version gives you unlimited chat, built-in group and one-on-one audio or video calling, 10 GB of team file storage, and 2 GB of personal file storage per user. You also get real-time collaboration with the Office apps for web, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. There is no end date. Details here.

Q. Is there a user limit in the freemium version?
Beginning March 10, we are rolling out updates to the free version of Teams that will lift restrictions on user limits.

Q. Can I schedule meetings in the freemium version?
In the future, we will make it possible for users to schedule meetings. In the meantime, you can conduct impromptu video meetings and calls.

Q. How can IT admins access Teams for Education?
A. Teams has always been free to students and education professionals as a part of the Office 365 A1 offer. Access it here.

Q&A Time

Q. I think my machine has a virus, what now?

A. Now, you ensure you are disconnected from the internet and then contact us. We will clean the machine from viruses, or where necessary rebuild the Operating System and restore as much of your data as possible. Once this is done, we will ensure you have appropriate Anti-Virus software on your machine and take you through a maintenance plan so this cannot happen again.

Q. I often look for a particular answer, can you post it here?

A. Yes, email your request to and we will arrange to post it here and on our FaceBook page!

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