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Working From Home Now?

Are you utilising all IT Tool you need to make working from home seamless?

With Covid-19 invading our community, we need our businesses to survive and utilising IT to help work remotely is a top priority. With tools like MS Teams and SharePoint, you can collaborate and complete video conferencing within your organisation and with your clients. Contact us today to advise where IT Tools can further enhance your business.
Utilize IT Tools Effectively!


We have found in the past few weeks that about 92% of our clients pay for using Microsoft Word and Excel, however a lot of our clients are unaware that you also pay for a Video Conferencing application as part of your Office 365 suite. Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration.

It integrates with your cloud server storage, OneDrive, SharePoint, Outlook, etc. Access it through your desktop application or just through any browser!!

Here is some documentation to assist…

  1. Office365 – Office Portal Access
  2. Outlook Online – Access
  3. SharePoint Online – Access
  4. Teams Online – Meeting Overview

If you need to discuss this with us or to get it yourself then don’t hesitate to be in touch!


Some of our clients have specialised applications or pc’s which they need remote access to.Do you require remote access to a specialised piece of equipment? Call us today to discuss how to get this remote access up and running so you can work anywhere in the world (or at home)!!


Perhaps you have an old archaic server which is nearing its end of life. Before this happens, especially if you are all at home and cannot access the office when it shuts down, contact us to get your data on the move into SharePoint or a ‘Cloud’ Server which will suit your needs and keep you moving forward with limited loss of activity in this trying time.


Don’t forget to setup a backup solution, even with your Cloud Servers/Data. To be certain of your information staying in your control, backups are a great way of ensuring data resiliency. We have options available to help you retain backups onsite, on an external HDD for you to manage, or a fully managed backup solution one of our servers in the Wellington or Hamilton regions. Let us know if you are interested in this service.

Just some food for thought. Let us know if we can be of further assistance or if you have any questions regarding getting your staff ready to be set for Working from Home.


We are building websites now

While your business may have a little downtime, consider upgrading or building a website to advertise your services. Contact us for pricing today.

Becki and her team are working to modernizing even the BBITS website so watch this space.

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